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Virtual Casino: The Science Behind How It Works

One might think that the casino, the temple of gambling, also operates by chance. You just happened to walk into Cookie online Casino and hit the jackpot five times in a row, do you think it’s just chance? It’s far from that. Casinos are highly organized businesses in which science plays a very important role. 

Welcome to the World of Random Numbers

Slots RNG

In order to offer their customers a quality gaming experience, casinos invest large sums of money to enable their users to enjoy a moment of choice, a pleasant evening, and, why not, a rewarding event (in both senses of the word, in fact). But the chance is untameable, it is difficult to control, which makes it attractive.

Look at slot machines. Whether they are classic, themed, or historical, all these machines operate on the same principle: a computer chip serves as a random generator. The word “random” is important because the player must be guaranteed that the casino is not cheating, no matter how much he invests! The reputation of a casino depends on this. In fact, there are independent comparison sites that do the analysis for you, so you can find the best online casino yourself.

To determine a truly random number, the trigger is a measure of time spent. The moment the player presses the launch button is considered by all machines to be the random marker that will determine the game’s payout. And with each new press of the button, the cycle begins again. The slot machine has no memory of what has just happened, thus guaranteeing a new cycle of play as honest as the previous one.

The only thing the slot machine has is an acronym, RTP. This acronym stands for Return To Player, and it’s also known as the payout rate. It actually represents the percentage that the machine will return to the player. But beware, not over a single game session, but over the entire life of the machine, which is an infinitely long time. If, for example, the RTP of a machine is 90%, this means that the machine, overall, will return (small amounts, jackpots, bonuses, etc.) 90% of the money that was put into it. This also means that, since the machine has no short-term memory, it can even offer 2 consecutive jackpots!

These rates are obviously controlled by independent certification institutions, ensuring that the machines used by physical casinos, as well as the virtual machines (gaming software) offered by online casinos, meet the strict standards set for the gambling industry.

Ever since slot machines first came into existence (late 19th century), many cheaters have tried to bypass the various safeguards that casinos have installed to protect the machines (but the enormous sums of money they contain). The online gaming software of virtual casinos is by its very nature completely immune to the cheating attempts that can exist with physical machines. But the most important thing to remember about casino games is that there is no such thing as chance, except for the moment when the player presses the “Play” button! For everyone’s well-being!

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