Expert Advice: How to get started with Keno

The great beginner

Never having consulted the rules of the game, he ticks as many numbers as allowed. He hopes to win a fortune by leaving it entirely in the hands of fate… Entertainment is his only goal, and the potential winnings from the game would only enhance his enjoyment of the game. He will smile no matter what the outcome of the draw is, and perhaps – who knows – learn on the job how keno works…

The great expert

With his years of experience, reinforced by reading numerous websites and specialised books as well as by watching videos full of advice, he approaches his Keno grid in a mathematical way. He has consulted the results of 12,254 previous draws, established precise tactics and determined the number of boxes to tick and the numbers to play by relying entirely on statistics. A rather tense player, he is not here to laugh, but to win.

The superstitious

A mixture of the two previous profiles, this user knows that statistics are not to be ignored, but cannot help but play the numbers that are important to him. Birthdays, children’s ages… He prefers to keep a light spirit without taking his games too seriously. Watch him carefully during the draw: rabbit’s foot in his pocket, you will probably see him crossing his fingers while touching wood.

Other guides – To boost your Keno statistics even further, here are the resources you should use

Our site provides you with accurate information to increase your chances of winning a keno draw. But to perfect your training, there’s nothing like varying your sources by also consulting other specialized books. We have prepared for you a summary of the best of them…

#1: “Understanding and increasing your chances of winning at keno”: the key work by Guy Jean Claude

The famous statistician – well known for his work on gambling – explains step by step, in a simple and well-written way, how a player can complete a winning grid by implementing basic techniques.

Written in a straightforward manner, it summarises the chances of winning on the various media you can use in your games.

How many Keno winners a day have achieved victory using the methods in this book? Probably hundreds…

#2: ” I want to win at Keno – Lifetime annuity “: Gilles Santini gives you 1001 little well kept secrets

This book of only 30 pages gathers 13 unpublished systems that will help you set up effective techniques to try to win more cards.

Based on simple principles, these methods allow you to win even when betting a large number of numbers, while minimising your initial stake.

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