Tips to play Keno

3 Tips to play Keno

1. The origins – A little history about Keno: the incredible story of the game and its amazing evolution

Long offered players the chance to try their luck with Keno Winner for Life (which entitles you to a cash prize for life), the game actually originated in ancient China.

Imported to the United States during the great migratory movements of the last millennium, Keno became one of the most popular lottery games, before spreading throughout the world.

The movement was regulated in the 1980s, which set up two draws per day (a midday draw and an evening draw). It is not one of the French people’s favourite games for nothing. Have you ever noticed the number of funny and surprising stories in the “news” columns, concerning these new winners who have obtained a successful Keno Winner for Life result?

But it’s important to note that playing your favourite lottery game is now possible at online casinos offering Keno. While one of the most famous lottery games has thrilled millions of players for years, today the era of web casinos is revolutionizing the world of gambling, and Keno is one of them.

2. The Rules – Your first steps? Learn how the game works and become a professional Keno player

How to play Keno? Good question! First of all, you should know that Keno is a simple game to master and its rules are different from other draw games. For example, in bingo, you don’t have the option of selecting your number combination.

Among 80 numbers, you will have to select between 2 and 10 for the “keno winner for life” or between 6 and 20 on the net games. Depending on the game mode you choose, you can even ask the machine to select random results for you: you then leave your fate entirely in the hands of fate.

3. Our tips – Reliable techniques exist: every keno tip makes a difference in a game

Now you want to know how to win at Keno? To do so, you’ll have to start by learning every single keno strategy and secret keno through our platform. To help you perfect your knowledge, we’ve put together the best of the best techniques for generating wins.

3.1 Can the rule of averages help you anticipate draws? Does this trick really work?

In Keno, for example, there is a method called the rule of averages: a rather clever Keno trick… It increases your Keno winnings and relies on a good memory and a little logic. Indeed, by remembering the previous numbers, you can eventually guess one or more keno draws in advance. Generally, some numbers are not drawn very often in Keno, which gives the player an extra margin in predicting the right draw in your games and tournaments.

The reverse of the average rule is to bet on the numbers that fall most frequently. There are statistical tools available on the Internet that can help you put together a list of numbers that are drawn regularly. This is a great way for someone to make money.

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